Leticia Gomes

Artist in Chicago, IL

Hello my name is Leticia (she/her).

As an interdisciplinary artist, I work with discarded objects from our everyday lives— objects with no perceived value or visibility. My intention is to imbue them with value, a message, and reinvent their place in the world.

My work begins with collecting those objects. They are connected to my consciousness, my family, and my memories.

My studio is my (whole) home. My perspective as a woman, and specifically as a mother at home and out of sight, adds to my practice, became my work.

The second stage involves the assemblage, photography, video, and more — that aims to deliver new expressions, new meaning, and added value to those found objects,... and also to myself.

They have a past and I reframe them to the future, in the present.

I was made in Brazil, raised in Copacabana beach, and currently live in Chicago’s Little Italy neighborhood, with my partner and two kids.

Mother, partner, sister, daughter, Latine, intersectional feminist (bummer we have to specify that these days), interdisciplinary artist, are some of the boxes I check in.

​Busy making things, unschooling my kids and always plotting my next trip. Following where my curiosity takes me.

  • Education
    • PUC-RIo (B.A. Industrial Design)